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Fohhn Audio AG, Germany

Fohhn Audio has been designing and manufacturing, some of the best sounding loudspeakers for more than 25 years. They have been the front runners of beam steering technology and have been building professional sound systems for mobile applications and fixed installations. The Fohhn Beam Steering Systems are available in all conceivable sizes as well as a wide range of sound point sources, line source speakers, line arrays, ceiling speakers, high-performance amplifiers, accessories and software. Therefore, Fohhn can provide optimal solutions for a wide variety of application areas—from a small conference room to live PA in large halls and stadia. At Fohhn, optimum visual integration meets the best sound quality, simple operation and bespoke sound system concepts. Furthermore, the research, development, and production exclusively take place in Nuertingen—all products are made in Germany.

The Fohhn Family Culture Working at Fohhn is a matter of persuasion. Renowned architects, FOH engineers, musicians, and bands from various genres as well as prestigious system houses and planning offices around the world are using Fohhn audio systems. And with good reason: many years ago, Fohhn was one of the very first manufacturers to rely consistently on digital technology, becoming the market leader in Pro Audio Beam Steering technology and concentrating on a sophisticated overall system in which all components mesh perfectly.

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