Fohhn is a family—and their customers are a part of that family. Individual Project Support Fohhn offers comprehensive services for the implementation of a wide range of sound installations. Every project is different. Every room has a distinct sound. So, they talk to planners, architects, or installers at an early stage to find the best possible solution together. Whether its special loudspeakers for projects with challenging acoustics, certified voice alarm systems, or scalable sound systems for theatres or concert halls—their extensive portfolio has the right product for any application.

Through their services, we can assist you from planning to final acceptance with simulations of acoustics using our own software, measurements and installation.

  • Conferences and meeting rooms
  • Educational halls
  • Events and live sound
  • Theatre and opera
  • Houses of worship
  • Concert sound

The result: clever audio systems that can be intuitively used with software developed by Fohnn, and which can be seamlessly integrated thanks to their timeless and clean design. All of this is only possible because every Fohhn employee is also an expert with practical experience as well as a sound enthusiast.

OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), voice alarm (VA) and intercom equipment. It has an extensive sales network in Spain and distributors in five continents.

The range of products and services offered by OPTIMUS SA provides the best solution for any PA and intercom installation in areas such as transportation, industry, commerce, health, etc.

  • Office buildings
  • Airports
  • Transportation
  • Tunnels
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Security
  • Paging
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Music

Alpha Acoustics, Czech Republic Alpha Acoustics, a European brand from Czech Republic, focuses on hi-fidelity sound— The applications that can be catered to from Alpha Acoustics’ portfolio are:

  • Hi-fi and Mini Theatre
  • Large format line arrays for auditoriums
  • IP based mass notification systems with duplex communication
  • Conferencing solutions

Zenitel products are developed by the Zenitel Group and comprise a range of high-quality communications equipment and systems. In business since 1901, Zenitel’s products are recognized worldwide for offering high-quality communications for both offshore and onshore installations. Primary system offerings in the Zenitel product portfolio are Public Address and Intercom. Zenitel and the company's global partner network also integrate these systems with other security devices such as Radio, CCTV, Access Control and Alarm, for a comprehensive security solution.

Every application of a sound system has its own unique requirements and TSG Audio Innovations has the expertise to offer the following solutions as per the market trends:

Voice evacuation systems for commercial and residential buildings—public address voice alarm systems (PAVA)

Opus Technologies, a French brand, specializes in designing and manufacturing the most compact class D loop amplifier series, renowned for offering the best performance on the market.

Their exclusive technology enhances sound quality for hearing-impaired individuals in challenging public settings like theaters, conference rooms, or reception counters. With a variety of technologies in their product range

like induction loop amplifiers, UHF systems and window intercom systems, Opus focuses on creating environments that are both supportive and reliable for individuals with hearing impairments.


  • In a corporate setting, Opus products ensure equal participation even for people with hearing issues. It eliminates discrimination and improves productivity.
  • Opus Technologies amplifiers provide optimal listening conditions and enable direct, clear communication for individuals with impairments in complex environments such as places of worship and educational facilities.
  • In bustling environments where noise can be a challenge, Opus provides UHF transmission systems. These systems facilitate high-quality communication to one or several participation through up to 16 channels.
  • Applications of Opus amplifiers range from hotels, tourism, entertainment, and others with equally challenging environments.


  • Audio frequency induction loop amplifiers, window intercom and UHF wireless systems.
  • Proven track record of quality control and reliability with an ultra low return rate of 0.005%.
  • Class D amplification systems, known for their high performance, efficiency, and compact design.

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